You may boast about the Kingdom, and the Dubs in their sky blue,
But here in lovely Leitrim, we have our heroes too.
I mean Cloone’s lively football team, the finest to be found,
That won the County final on Carrick’s spacious ground.


Here’s to the Brennans, Morans and Mulvey; Charles, Conway and Joe McNamee;
Dillon Doherty, Quinn, Timmy Beirne; and McCabe our expert on the free;
McGovern is tall, fast and fit, in midfield he owns the high ball,
And young Paudge McCrann is a fine marksman, And as sound as the oul’ stonewall.

In the first round we beat Eslin; then Allen Gaels they soon fell,
We stole the semi-final, as Drumreilly folk know well.
To the final came Gortletteragh, and they marched out with pride,
But they fell before the blue and gold, like reeds before a scythe.

Gortletteragh quickly settled down, and soon were on the attack,
But Mulvey, Quinn and McNamee, all sent the leather back,
Shane Heslin kept the pressure up, and we were feeling blue,
When at the end of the first quarter, they led four points to two.

But Cloone soon got their measure, and used the long through ball,
Gortletteragh’s backs were overrun, by our forwards one and all.
Then McCabe was grounded in the box, and a penalty came up,
When Declan shook Gortletteragh’s net; we had visions of the cup.

The second half was all one way, as McGovern ruled midfield;
While the backs marked up so tightly, and not an inch would yield.
The Brennans roamed the field at will, and split the defence in two;
And Cloone win leading six points up, when the final whistle blew.

Now we are the County Champions, and we’ve got a brand new park;
We’ll remember nineteen eighty, as the year we made our mark.
Then here’s to our supporters, they are a very loyal band;
And to our captain Damien Brennan, for he waves a magic wand.