Cloone County Champions 1947

Con Duggan is the goalie, that calm and steady youth,
His efforts lend out to defend a team of great repute.
The centre full is no way dull for Hubie is the man,
And captain of that team, this evergreen football fan.

On both his sides are the choicest men, to football they are not new.
There is the stonewall man McCrann, and McGarty from Drumdoo.
The half-backs break all attacks, these men are strong and tall,
whoever would defy those men would meet a great stone wall.

Then there are the Reynolds brothers whose fame all fame excels,
And with them shines Joe Bohan who oft shone for St. Mel’s
And mid-field where they never yield and the ball is always their’s,
we have Doorigan and McAlinden, they are two electric hares.

The three quarter line it is divine, these men are tried and true
For on the right is the man of might, dashing silver McHugh
In the centre is Leo Kelly, that tall and fair haired boy,
He goes through the air, when the ball is there and handles it like a toy.

On the left wing there reigns a king, a man of many parts,
By profession he’s a teacher and a bachelor of arts.
His brother plays on the mark, unless they make a change,
He is locally known as butcher, but his Christian name is James.

His neighbour PJ Heeran plays to the left fore,
Don’t ever fear if the ball comes near, but P J. gets a score.
To complete the team of great renown, no need to ever worry,
top of the left, American ginger snap Jackie Murray.

Now before I end my little rhyme and before I bid adieu,
I’d like to thank the county board and the Connacht Council too.
Some say Carrick objected, I don’t know if it’s true,
But when the county board did meet, the objection was withdrew.

Now we’d like to hear from Carrick, perhaps a line from Ging,
And we’ll make a date to meet in St. Manachan’s park in ’48.